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Hi Friends,  I have been asked where is my woodenbenchworld store?  Great question. At the top of this page is a slot titled     SHOP     just click it.

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“Tea Time” Bird Feeders

You need to take a look at my newest project “Tea Time” Bird Feeders.

AZAK bird feeder
“tea time” bird feeders

These colorful bird feeders are made from AZAK the same material that new decks are constructed of. So, whenever you decide to repaint, just change to a color you like. The AZAK should last forever so should the cup and saucer.

AZAK Bird Feeder
Pink Tea Time Bird Feeder

Just go to my store to order.

Specs:  14.5″ H X 10″ W X  9″ Deep and weighs 5 pounds.


AZAK Patio And Porch Benches


Just want to bring to everyone’s attention our popular patio and porch benches.


wooden patio bench
Wooden/ AZAK patio bench on your patio!

First of all why call them a patio bench in the first place?  Great question!

I make the base of these patio benches from a product called “AZAK”. You have probably heard of it under different names, but it is a synthetic product that looks like wood.  It is used in outdoor and deck construction.

AZAK, has many outdoor benefits, like water,insect and mold resistance. And, down the road a bit you can easily remove the top and spray paint the base in a color of your choice.

patio benh
Strong built patio bench with heavy duty gussets

After the base is constructed I top it off with recycled pallet boards.  Which are sanded, stained and poly coated to resist the weather. The pallet wood varies with each bench made. No two have the same nail holes, knots, or grain.

AZAK patio bench
This Camo Patio Bench would look great on your patio

As you can see from the pictures, these patio benches can be made in an infinite color and sizes.

So, if you are interested just step over to the store for a few more important details.


wooden centerpiece

Mini Farm Centerpieces


Good things going on here at the Wooden Bench Shop.

Wachapreague, Virginia is such an inspiring location for any artistic endeavor.

Why not take a look at the newest creation. The mini wooden farm décor centerpieces. Here are the details

wooden centerpiece
Mini Farm Décor Wooden Centerpiece

This special beauty is made from 1/2″ recycled pallet wood. Aged and distressed. Painted and poly coated just in case you want to use it on the patio or porch. It measures 8″ Long X 4.5″ Wide X  99.5″ High.

Now the good part the mason type jars are pint size.  One Half the size of our popular quart jars.

mini centerpiece
3 Jar Mini Farm Décor Farm Centerpiece

Above is the same centerpiece only a bit larger to hold 3 jars. It measures 11″ Long X 4.5″ W X 9.75″ High. Full shipping instruction appear at

Now the small print!

Chalk painted mason jars are $3.00 a piece.

Fake flowers $1.50 per jar.

For the wooden centerpieces if they are not stained I use Olde century colors true to the Williamsburg, Va colors. Acrylic latex covered with polyurethane.

I can make these in almost any color and or size. Just give me notice.

I thank you for the visit and hope you will buy a couple of these beautiful wooden farm décor centerpieces.

Again, for now they are only on sale though

Thanks for stopping by


Elevated Big Dog Feeder

If you are a loving big dog owner, then you have probably become aware of the health benefits of a raised big dog feeder.

The following was copied from


What are the benefits of an elevated feeder?

A. Veterinarians recommend elevated feeders for some dogs and cats because they offer a number of advantages: hygiene and cleanliness, comfort for dogs and cats with arthritis or neck or back problems, and benefits for cats and dogs with megaesophagus or other conditions that make swallowing difficult.Dog eating from an elevated feederElevated feeders and dishes keep feeding areas cleaner. Elevated dishes help keep the food and water in the bowls and not on the floor. They prevent cats from playing in their water, which some are prone to do. Dogs tend to lift their heads after taking a drink to facilitate swallowing. As the dogs raise their heads, water that does not make it down their throat often ends up on the floor. Over time, this can ruin your floor. With an elevated feeder, they do not have to raise their heads as far and the water usually drips right back into their water dish. Moisture that may get under the dish creates a great place for molds and bacteria to grow.

Elevated feeders can help in caring for dogs and cats with a condition called megaesophagus. In this condition, the esophagus (the tube that leads from the mouth to the stomach) becomes large and flaccid. Instead of moving the food down to the stomach through muscular contractions, the enlarged and weak esophagus dilates and allows the food to accumulate there instead of the stomach. This can lead to regurgitation and vomiting. An elevated feeder will allow gravity to help get the food down to the stomach.

Elevated feeders may be more comfortable for some older pets. Dogs with arthritis and cats with arthritis may benefit from elevated feeders. Bending over to eat is not comfortable for pets with stiff muscles or sore joints, particularly for pets with neck or back problems, such as intervertebral (IV) disc disease. Older pets often eat less, which means they may not get the nutrition they need. If eating or drinking is painful or uncomfortable, they are likely to eat or drink even less. Raising food and water to their level encourages eating and drinking.

raised feeder
elevated big dog feeder in hunter green.

Finally, elevated feeders have an extra bonus. We have had pet owners tell us that they appreciate not having to bend over as far to pick up or fill up water and food dishes. For the frail, physically handicapped, or persons with arthritis or back problems, elevated feeders can make a big difference.

In the past, elevated feeders had been recommended by some veterinarians for dogs who may be susceptible to bloat (gastric dilatation and volvulus – GDV). Other veterinarians recommend against their use. If your dog is at risk of developing bloat, contact your veterinarian regarding the use of an elevated feeder.

Check out the store for more shipping and pricing details.